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5 Questions To Ask Your Pet Sitter

Do you work away a lot and find it difficult looking for somebody to take care of your pet? Or maybe you’re going away for a one-off trip and need some last-minute care? Whatever the reason, a pet sitter instantly delivers you with a reliable, convenient and fully accessible solution to looking after your furry friends.

However, when deciding on a potential pet sitter, it’s crucial you know all the details of their services before you hire them. In today’s article, we’re going to give you a rundown of the 5 most important questions to ask your pet sitter. This ensures that you can leave your best friend – or friends – with someone who you have full confidence and trust in.

1) What Type of Pet Sitting Experience Do You Have?

We’re sure you can think of plenty of questions for pet sitters, but the first one that always springs to mind is their experience. When looking for a pet sitter, it’s only natural that you want them to have the required expertise to handle the type of animal you have, and more importantly, experience in their specialised care requirements too. As an example, a dog could have mobility problems, causing them to need more assistance. 

Here at House My Pet, each of our pet carers have extensive experience, qualifications, and sometimes training in pet care. Not to mention, most of our service providers have a background of pet ownership, meaning they have first-hand experience with all types of animal’s needs.

As a bonus, through our pet matchmaking services, we will assign you a pet carer that has the relevant expertise for your pet. Through this never-seen-before bespoke service, we can find the most suitable pet carer based on your pet’s preferences, abilities and needs.

2) Do You Have Insurance?

No matter what company you use when looking for a suitable pet carer, you must check they’re insured. If you want to be delivered with a professional and quality service, you need to make sure they’re covered in case of any issues arising.

House My Pet ensures that all service providers are Pet Business insured– giving our clients the reassurance they need. This comprehensive cover means that you and the service provider are both protected in any given situation.

3) Will You Meet My Pet First?

Are you worried that your pet may not feel comfortable with their given carer? Any pet, whether they’re a dog, cat or rabbit, has an individual personality and therefore, their own preferences. Because of this, gender, age and various other qualities of a carer can determine if your pet is happy being looked after by them.

Some pet caring services will play it by ear but not us; here at House My Pet, we can organise ‘Meet & Greets’ to give you the peace of mind that your assigned pet carer is the right fit for your pet. By setting up a meeting with your animal and a service provider, you can watch as they instantly bond- giving you full confidence that your pet couldn’t be in better hands while you’re away.

4) What Is Included In Your Pet Sitting Service?

When choosing the right pet caring services, you need to know precisely what you’re paying for. Will the service provider walk your dog? Will they look after more than one pet at a time? By finding out these answers before you hire someone to look after your pet, you are aware of what is and what isn’t going to get done while you’re away from home.

By choosing a pet carer from House My Pet, you are given a fully-inclusive caring service. During the matchmaking process on our website, you can select what additional requirements you need, as well as add any that aren’t already listed. We can take care of numerous pets, and as a bonus, we can even handle any house maintenance that needs doing while you’re away.

5) Will You Send Me Pet Sitting Updates?

It’s hard being away from your pet- at the end of the day, they’re your best friend and so saying goodbye, even for a short period, can pull at the old heartstrings. That’s why receiving a pet caring service that gives you the option of regular updates can put your mind to rest.

On request, a House My Pet carer can send you photos and messages letting you know how your little friend is getting on; all through our easy-to-use online platform. You might be far away from them, but we guarantee that seeing their cute face having a great time will make it easier.

These are our top 5 questions to ask your pet sitter, but there are several more that you could add to the list too. Here at House My Pet, we offer a dedicated, reliable and next-level pet sitting service in Manchester. Whatever question you may have, we will have the answer.

Through careful consideration and having all of the right credentials behind us, our team of pet carers will always prioritise your pet’s health and wellbeing. With the proper care, love and attention that your pet deserves, all that’ll be missing for them is you. Looking for pet sitters near me? For further information on our pet sitters in Manchester, contact us today on


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