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Best Dog-Friendly Cafes In Manchester

Fancy going for a cuppa, but don’t want to leave the pooch behind? You no longer have to! As dog owners, we can appreciate the frustration of wanting to have a day out in the city, but when your dog is looking at you in sadness as you’re getting ready to leave, it can make it less enjoyable.

Not only that, but sometimes it’s nice to do things with the whole family, and that means, including your four-legged friend too. The problem is, pet-friendly cafes in the UK are rare, making it almost impossible to find somewhere suitable. Well, that’s if you’re outside of Manchester; if you didn’t already know, this big city is home to several fantastic pet-friendly cafes and restaurant spots that you and your dog can enjoy together.

But the question is, where? Today’s article is going to be shedding light on some of these little hot spots of the best dog-friendly cafes in Manchester so that over the next few months, you can enjoy many outings with your companion as you devour a slice of cake and coffee. 

1) Brewdog

Well, if this one isn’t self-explanatory, we don’t know what to tell you. Brewdog, the home to the beloved IPA and stouts, has two pet-friendly restaurants located in the city centre. Both of these establishments serve delicious food ranging from burgers, hotdogs and even vegan options; with their new hoppy meal box, its fun for the entire family.

Dogs are welcome with open arms here, and as of July this year, you can even host a doggy birthday party in any of their premises located in the UK! At £5 a pooch, you get party hats, dog-safe cakes and doggy beer. Make sure to book soon- this lively, fun and modern environment would make a fantastic day out with the dog.

2) North Tea Power

North Tea Power, our first cafe that accepts dogs is another great spot located in the Northern Quarter that you and your pooch can do some socialising in. As folk say, North Tea Power actually serves the best coffee in Manchester, as well as a top-notch cuppa. To accompany your hot beverage, guests can indulge in homemade granola and frisée salads. 

While you dig in and sip away, your four-legged friend can curl up beside you on a bench, or failing that, you can enjoy the sunshine together in the outdoor area of the cafe. A Manchester Pet Friendly Cafe that is a must-go.

3) Cafe Bar

Like the American aesthetic? You’ll love the Cafe Bar then! Yes, finally, a restaurant that accepts pets. Also based in the heart of the Northern Quarter, you can feast your taste buds on brunch, ranging from pancake stacks to open bagels, as well as gorgeous desserts such as homemade brownies in this diner-style establishment. 

To accompany your feasts, their locally-roasted coffee will go down a treat, or if you like a tipple, their specially created cocktails are delicious too. For a little fun for your dog also, Cafe Bar has recently hosted a Doggy Date Night for all of those single canines. 

You can meet fellow dog lovers as the pooches get cosy, and make your way through unlimited hot drinks, cakes and a glass of prosecco, while the dogs enjoy a goody bag. The first event was a complete success, so we doubt this is the last we’ll see of the woofing speed dating!

4) Cottonopolis

Last but most certainly not least, we have Cottonopolis. This Japanese-style restaurant also found in the NQ has a cutting-edge menu with vegan and gluten-free options too. If you want a good steak, this is the place to be! And it’s not just you who gets to dig in; they’ve even created some dishes designed entirely for your furry friend.

That’s right; your pooch can enjoy a full dining experience too! The dog food menu is Asian-inspired with tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi and char siu pork. The director of the pup and human restaurant wanted to design a place to go with dogs that went above and beyond in making both owners and pooches comfortable, and by joe, they’ve done it!

Are you going to visit any of the best dog-friendly cafes in Manchester? Or better yet, munch on some cuisine with them? We are already checking our calendars. UK Dog-friendly cafes are hard to come by, but now, you can enjoy a lovely evening or Sunday afternoon out of the house with your beloved companion by your side.

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