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In order to leave a post on the job board you are required to log into your pet owner account. Please do so by clicking the link below or alternatively you can create a pet owner account here.


How to create a bookable quote for a service

When you have logged into the website as a professional pet carer and started a conversation with a pet owner you can at any point send them a personal quotation. To do this you simply click the ‘Create a Quote’ button in the yellow box at the bottom of the conversation thread.

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The 5 Steps

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    Service Type and Clients Name

    This box is used to identify what service you are offering to the pet owner. It can be anything you wish (such as Dog Walking). We advise you to also add the Pet Owners name for future reference and book keeping management.

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    Date(s) and Time(s) Required

    This box is used to place the pet owners requested dates, times and durations for the service.

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    Featured Image (optional)

    Here you have an option to apply an image to your service. Select the ‘Set featured image’ link and upload your chosen image. When you have done so it will show up in the grey box. The featured image is also used as a way to identify what service you are paying for in the checkout section of the website. If you decide to delete the image or change it click on the link below your image to upload another one or to leave it blank and the image will be set to the default House My Pet image of a pet suitcase.

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    Gallery (optional)

    The gallery gives you the option to upload more than one image so you can really showcase your service if you wish to.

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    Total Cost

    This box is for you to price up the total booking cost of the service your customer requires for the times and dates specified. Please note once this quote gets sent to the customer, they are able to book and pay to secure the price times and dates so make sure all the details are correct before pressing submit.

When creating a service  you will need to provide some basic information. These boxes will determine how the service is presented to pet owners before they decide to book.

And Your Done

When you have entered your total cost amount just simply click the ‘Add Service’ button to create your service and be taken to the service page. From here you can now give your customer their tailored service quote by clicking the ‘Send Quote To [customer]’ button on the page. Once clicked it will redirect you back to the message conversation and automatically send your quote to the customer.

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