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Horse Care Services at House My Pet

Do you need a hand with your horse? Here at House My Pet, we can provide you with a dependable, trustworthy and affordable horse care service. We understand the responsibility and needs of your horse; being experienced, professional, fully-vetted and animal-mad, our team of pet carers know the fundamentals and responsibilities of taking care of horses.

Our competent and committed team will ensure that your horse is as confident and comfortable as can be. This is achieved through our pet match-making services. This bespoke service has allowed us to provide the best level of care, from dealing with behavioural problems to dressage, while also ensuring that an animal is happy with the individual who is assisting them. Being the only business to offer this service, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a guarantee of satisfaction for both you and your horse.

Our services are easily accessible, as well as straightforward when booking and keeping in touch with service providers on our online platform. If your pet has any special requirements, we’re here to listen and ensure that we adapt our services accordingly. During the booking process, we ask for all essential information to be disclosed, so that we can fully ensure that a pet carer is fully capable and knowledgeable of your pet’s needs.

Our Horse Care Services

Horse Sitting Service

Are you looking to go on holiday or work away for a while? We can take care of your horse while you’re gone. Horses, as you will know, are very independent pets that aren’t the easiest to transport. Because of this, our horse sitting services are ideal because we will take care of your horse while they stay in their familiar environment.

If you are out, and your horse requires essential care that you are unable to attend to, we can see to it that your horse is given the instructed care and loving attention. A pet sitter will house sit your home and attend to your horse when care and duty is needed.

We can stick to your horse’s routine of mealtimes, exercise and stable maintenance. If they enjoy a grooming session at the end of the day, a House My Pet carer will be happy to do that too. Don’t forget, if you have other pets in your home, we can also look after them.

Not only that, but your home will be kept secure while you’re gone too. It will look occupied, and one of our carers will even ensure the needs of your house are met too. It doesn’t matter where you are located, we can travel to you! Please let us know the duration of the service needed upon booking.

Horse Pop-In Visits

If you need someone to check up on your horse, stay rest assured that we can take care of your horse’s needs when you can’t. Horses do not require consistent attention or looking after unless necessary, which is why our pop-in visits are ideal.

Our dependable horse carers will visit your stable on your requested schedule and will always follow your instructions; whether you want them to practice training with your horse, assist with administering medication, feeding them or for simply a groom and a stroke. Not to mention, they’ll do this while also ensuring that the stables are left clean and secure. Please give the full details of your horse’s requirements and routine when booking.

Horse Home Boarding Services

We also can offer you a home boarding option. One of our professional and experienced horse carers will take care of your horse in the comfort of their own stables. While you’re away, we can provide horses with a home from home set up that ensures your horse is kept comfortable and happy.

You can transport your horse, along with its feed and any other equipment needed that is relevant to their routine. We guarantee that your horse will be given the space to roam, as well as a carer’s undivided attention throughout their stay while you’re away.

Post-Surgery Care

Does your horse require special care after recently having an operation? The first post-op week is crucial for their recovery and if you’re not able to see to their needs, we will be happy to assist you. Our fully-trained pet carers can administer medication, change dressings and apply creams, amongst other tasks when required. You must disclose the full details of the operation and what their post-op needs are prior to booking.

Our fully qualified horse carers will consistently monitor and supervise your horse, as we are understanding of the challenges that can occur after surgery. We will always follow your instructions when caring for your horse; whether that’s in terms of medication administration or physical therapy. We will consciously keep an eye on your horse, and seek professional assistance if and when needed.

Medical Administration

Does your horse require medicine at certain times of the day, but you cannot administer it due to other commitments? Do not panic! A House My Pet carer will ensure that your horse is given the correct dosage as and when needed. Our experienced pet carers are able to administer oral medication, insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids.

Additionally, if your horse requires grooming, eye drops or application of ointment, our pet carers can take care of that too. Our horse carers are fully knowledgeable and trained with medicine administering, and they will keep an eye on your horse in case they begin to show signs of illness or pain. Please provide the full instructions when booking.

Disability Care

Does your horse have a disability? We know the drill! If your horse is deemed as disabled, we have the expertise and experience to give them the appropriate care. Whether their mobility is impaired, or they need support during general tasks due to being deaf or blind, we will assist them with all tasks to ensure that they are kept healthy and happy.

We will provide them with that extra special love and attention so that they feel safe and comfortable while you are away. Please disclose the full details of your horse’s condition and what special requirements they need upon booking.

Behavioural Problem Care

If your horse has behavioural problems, there’s a good chance that your assigned service provider has experience with handling the same issue. They will manage this while also trying to encourage positive behaviour if and when necessary. Please disclose this information before booking so that your pet carer knows what to expect.

Extra Care

Upon booking, you can also ensure that a horse carer has experience in other areas of care for your horse too. For instance, many of our horse carers have experience in Lunging, Free Reining, Parelli, Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping and Clicker Training. You can opt for these during the booking process.

Horse Match-Making Service

Is your horse frantic around new people? Fear not, our horse match-making service will ensure that your horse is kept comfortable and content around a professional with natural horsemanship who is suited to its needs and characteristics. We understand the importance of finding the right person to look after your horse, which is why we have designed a service that specifically matches an animal with a carer that is capable and experienced.

No two horses are the same, and that is why we will ask for your horse’s routine, needs and personality traits so that we have a greater chance of matching them with the perfect carer. We will make it our mission, stated in our guarantee and values, to provide horse owners with an outstanding service that covers all grounds.

We have noticed, since running this service, that owners are exceptionally pleased with how their pet’s needs have been taken care of and how easily and calmly their pet has adjusted to the presence of one of our pet carers. We offer reassurance that your horse couldn’t be in better hands; we do this by delivering you with the highest quality service, while also ensuring that we give you peace of mind that your horse is as comfortable, happy and calm as possible.

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Our Promise To You

We understand the uncertainties of leaving your pet with someone who you generally do not know, but we guarantee that our services will bring you confidence that our horse-crazy pet carers are doing the utmost in keeping your horse in good health and as happy as can be. Our professional Horse carers have a background of Horse ownership, are incredibly passionate about animals and are experienced in Horse care, giving them the confidence and knowledge on how to deal with any situation that may arise.

We will provide the same level of service that we would expect for our own pets. Stay rest assured that we will prioritise your horse’s safety and wellbeing by being fully confident in who we assign to take care of them. Also, if you think that you’d feel more comfortable in being kept informed throughout the day, you can request your horse carer to send you updates and photos throughout their time with your horse- a fantastic addition if you find it hard being away from your horsey!

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