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House My Pet Guarantee

We understand that with any service, customers require a level of protection and commitment to resolving issues if they arise during a booking. Here at House My Pet, we have set this guarantee in place so that you can be confident that we are always providing a high-quality service, with your best interests at heart.

We also offer the House My Pet Guarantee because we believe that our pet-loving community is fundamental to our services and values. It’s also crucial when matching your pet with a service provider that can tend to all of its needs and requirements, as well as show them the love that they deserve.

Keep reading for the specifics of our Guarantee, including what’s covered and how it works.

The Details of Our Guarantee

Payments and communications are vital when ensuring our customers receive a safe and secure experience when using our online platform. This is why we have made it a requirement in Terms of Service. If a payment is taken outside of the House My Pet website, we will have no record of it- deeming it unqualified for our Guarantee cover.

The House My Pet Guarantee states that members can be reimbursed if a pet carer or owner cancels their booking without a valid reason. This ensures that pet owners don’t become panicked when trying to find someone last minute, and pet carers won’t be out of pocket if their services are no longer required.

If we have no recollection of your payment because you’ve paid via cheque, cash or wire transfer, you will not be viable for a refund in this circumstance. If your carer or owner asks to pay in this nature, please say no for both of your benefit and insist on paying via our platform also please report this incident to us so we are aware.

Your information will be kept confidential and secure, while also being guaranteed if cancellation was to arise. 

Safe and Secure Payments

Our platform incorporates standard encryption measures so that all personal information and credit card details are protected. By paying through House My Pet, you’re being offered a convenient, cashless, quick and easy payment solution that keeps your personal information safe and secure.

If you were to pay outside of our system, you could be putting yourself at risk of fraudulent practices. You must remember this when taking or giving payments because not only will your transaction not be under guarantee, but you will run the risk of suspension from House My Pet- or a deletion of account. If pet carers take cash in person, they will be susceptible to a £50 fine per pet too.

Simple and Effective Messaging

When clicking onto someone’s website, the easier it is to navigate, the better. That is why we have set up an easy-to-use communications system that has built-in security features. While using our online platform, you will be able to communicate with other carers and owners through a simple messaging platform. 

This platform also allows you to schedule in ‘Meet & Greets’, check availability, pay securely and even keep pet owners informed with picture sharing! Pet owners especially enjoy this feature if they are concerned about being away from their pet.

We monitor all communications on our platform so that we can keep it a safe and secure place for all users. Third parties will have no access to your information, conversations and any other information that you enter on our site. We endeavour to make our users’ online experiences as positive as possible.

When using our pet caring services, one thing is for certain – you will be guaranteed a reliable, positive and trustworthy service whether you’re the pet owner or the pet carer. With any booking, there are always risks that could impact the quality of service that you receive or deliver, but here at House My Pet, we pride ourselves on providing a platform that not only goes above and beyond, but one that has our customers’ best interests at heart and failsafe guarantees to protect them.

See below for further details on our cancellations guarantee, so that you are given the reassurance that we will resolve any issues that could arise. With our policy set in stone, you can be confident that we will solve any situation effectively and immediately – protecting our carers, pets and customers.

Cancellation of Bookings

We understand the urgency and worry that cancellations can cause. Whether you’re a pet owner that’s afraid of being let down last minute, or you’re a pet carer who is concerned they may miss out on financially due to an owner changing their plans last minute. 

Either party may feel a sense of uncertainty when booking online, but by utilising our services, you have our promise that we will resolve any type of issue that may occur on your booking. As stated in our terms and conditions, we will endeavour to still provide you with an alternative service as a pet owner or as a pet carer, and you may still be entitled to payment. See below for the full details:

Cancelling Within 24 Hours of Booking

If you were to cancel after the cooling-off period, a refund is very unlikely, unless we deem your reasoning to be fair. If a pet carer was to cancel in this instance, it is then their responsibility to find a fellow carer to fill in for their booking. This ensures that pet owners are still given the service that they desired.

We have put these policies in place so that pet owners can stay rest assured that they will be delivered with a service, and service providers are given the rightful pay of a full refund if they weren’t given enough notice; making it unlikely that they can get another to fill in that time.

Cancelling After 24 Hours of Booking

If a pet owner cancels their booking after the first 24 hours without a valid explanation, it will be at our sole discretion whether or not a refund is necessary. If we believe that the reason is principled, we will issue a refund, but if we deem it unjustifiable, the cancelling party cannot question our decision and the pet carer will still be paid.

If a pet carer cancels their booking after the 24 hours, the pet service provider will need to find a replacement service for the owner as soon as possible. If unable, we will suspend the cancelling party or block their account immediately for breaching our terms.

If you’d like any further information on our House My Pet Guarantee, please contact us today on and we will be happy to assist you in your query. You’re always covered by House My Pet if you book and pay via our platform at all times- we endeavour to deliver you a reliable service and with your cooperation, you will have peace of mind that you’re protected and guaranteed a good quality service.

Head over to our T&C’s for further information.

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