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Millipede Care Services at House My Pet

Do you need someone to take care of your millipede while you’re unable? We’re the ones for the job! We will always have your millipede’s best interests at heart by adhering to their individual requirements and giving them the same level of love as we would our own pets.

We will strive for ways in which we can recreate a true home experience for your millipede; especially when sticking to their routine and feeding them. Our nature-loving team of professionals have acquired the relevant experience that gives them the expertise for caring for millipedes to the highest of standards.

They are all fully-vetted and hold the relevant supporting documents such as a DBS check and pet business insurance. We make it our mission to deliver an exceptional service that always prioritises your millipede’s wellbeing and safety.

We pride ourselves in delivering an affordable, dependent and well-thought service that exceeds pet owners’ expectations. We will always incorporate your millipede’s routine, while also giving them the same love and affection as they’d get from their beloved owner.

We uphold a level of professionalism, dedication and maturity within our services and we aim to keep you and your millipede as comfortable and content as possible. We will ensure to cover all grounds; taking care of their feeding, terrarium maintenance, watering and temperature checks are just a handful of tasks that we can carry out.

Our Millipede Care Services

Millipede Sitting Service

Going on holiday? A millipede carer will house sit your home and attend to your pet when needed. They will be given the required care, love and attention as they would usually get. No matter where you are, a pet carer will travel to you. A perk of this service is that your house will stay looking occupied, and a pet carer can look after your other pets, as well as your house maintenance too.

Millipede Home Boarding Service

Want to board your millipede while you are away? Let your millipede go on holiday while you do! A pet carer will collect your millipede, along with their essentials and enclosure and take good care of them in their home. Your millipede will be given individual care, and if requested, in solo conditions.

While you’re away, you can stay confident that your millipede is still being given the same level of care and love as you would be giving them. We will follow your instructions, keeping their routine intact and making sure they’re kept as comfortable and content the entire time. You can also request freedom of roaming.

Millipede Pop In Visits

Is the above unnecessary for your millipede? Our pop-in visits might just be what you’re looking for! Our flexible pop-in service provides your pet with as many visits necessary in the comfort of their own home.

A House My Pet carer will pop in and spend time with your millipede. This service is designed to meet specific needs that do not require a great deal of time. Depending on your requirements, we can attend to their terrarium, maintain their housing temperature and humidity, feed and if requested, provide some free roaming and handling that we can also send you photos and notes about!

If you’re away from home during long periods of the day, just give us the instructions, and we will see that your millipede is taken care of. During these visits, we will still give your millipede the same level of care as we would through our other services, but just for a shorter period of time.

Millipede Care Match-Making

Our bespoke matchmaking services are designed with you and your millipede in mind. Like you, we want your millipede to receive the best level of care possible, and our matchmaking services do precisely that. When choosing the right carer for your millipede, our search engine tool guarantees the perfect pairing.

We will always match your millipede with a pet carer who has expertise in millipede’s and the relevant knowledge to see to your millipede’s care requirements. We aim to provide a positive and comfortable experience for your millipede at all times, which is why we have created this service.

We are the first business to offer such a personalised and dedicated service that ensures that both the owner and the pet is delivered with a system that has thought through every detail in order to deliver the best level of care. All of our carers bear an exceptional level of professionalism, commitment and maturity in their services. We are a passionate team of insect-lovers who want what’s best for pets, in any given situation. We focus on replicating a true home-from-home experience for your millipede.

By adhering to our values and guarantee, we can assign a pet carer that is 100% suitable to your millipede. This level of consideration has allowed us to form many partnerships and relationships with owners who have been exceptionally pleased with how their pet took to the service given by a House My Pet carer.

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Our Promise To You

We understand the responsibility of taking care of your millipede, and how important it is for you to find the right carer for them. This is why our level of dedication and professionalism can give you confidence that your millipede couldn’t be in better hands.

Our pet carers have been millipede owners and/or have relevant experience when dealing with millipedes. Because of this, our passion and drive will allow us to administer the highest level of care to your pet. We care about your millipede’s health and happiness the most and will do whatever it takes to accomplish both.

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