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Reptile Care Services at House My Pet

Going out of town and need someone to look after your lizard, tortoise, snake or bearded dragon? Look no further than our reptile care services! Here at House My Pet, we know the responsibility and needs of reptiles. With our extensive knowledge and history of reptile ownership, we have the skills and expertise to give your reptile the highest level of care and love that they deserve and need.

We endeavour to give all reptiles a true home-from-home experience by prioritising their welfare and ensuring that they are always kept happy and healthy during their time with us. Our experienced and professional reptile carers are all fully-vetted and hold all the relevant supporting documents such as a DBS check and pet business insurance.

This allows us to deliver pet owners with a guaranteed and dedicated service. Our mature, reliable and expertly led team will treat your pet with respect, love and good quality care, just how they would their own pets. We are hugely passionate about reptiles and all animals for that matter, which is why we pride ourselves for our professional services and attentive care.

We will give you the reassurance that you have chosen the most trustworthy, accessible and committed service for taking proper care of your little friend. If you didn’t already know, we go the extra mile when assisting you with your reptiles by matching them with the right carer.

Our match-making services guarantee that your reptile is given the highest level of care possible by someone who is suited to their needs entirely. By tailoring our services, we are giving your reptile the best chances at feeling as happy and content with someone new caring for them.

Our Reptile Care Services

Reptile Sitting Service

Going out of town? Let us take care of them while you’re gone. One of our reptile carers will stay in your house overnight to take care and keep an eye on your pet. We recommend this service for those reptiles who don’t enjoy travelling or being taken to a new environment.

We will always follow your instructions; ensuring that your reptile is given the most comfortable and positive experience while also making sure all of their needs are met. If they have a routine, for instance, we will stick to it with your guidance. As an added incentive, your home will be kept occupied, and we can even take care of house maintenance too.

What’s better, our sitting services are available to you wherever you are; one of our service providers will be happy to travel to you.

Reptile Home Boarding Service

Going away for business or pleasure and need to board your pet? Let us take care of your reptile for a true home-from-home experience. You can transport your reptile in its enclosure, along with their reptile supplies to your chosen pet carers home. During their stay, they will be given a carer’s undivided attention, and if needed, they can be given solo care if requested.

By giving us instructions and guidance, we can ensure that your reptile is given the same level of care that they’d receive from you. You can even request free roaming of the house! Unlike other boarding services, we promise to keep an eye on your reptile at all times to ensure that they’re kept happy and comfortable.

Reptile Pop-In Visits

A reptile carer will visit your home at the required times to check up on your little friend. This service is especially ideal for reptiles who have a diverse and often complex range of needs. Meeting these needs is really important and must be discussed with your chosen carer; simply send them your requests for a quote.

Reptile Disability Care

Does your reptile have a disability? We can still provide them with the highest level of care. Our reptile carers are both experienced and qualified to care for disabled animals; whether they have special requirements or they enjoy extra love and attention, we will take good care of them. Please give us the full details of the disability and what special requirements your reptile needs upon booking so that your designated reptile carer is fully prepared.

Reptile Care Match-Making

We don’t just pair your reptile with anyone, we go through an in-depth process to ensure that your little friend is being given the best care possible. We understand if you feel sceptical when leaving your reptile in the care of someone who you don’t know, but with this bespoke service, we can give you peace of mind that your reptile couldn’t be in better hands. Your assigned carer will have a professional and experienced background with reptiles and will hold relevant checks and insurance.

We are the only animal care business to offer pet match-making, and we are confident that this level of dedication and consideration will deliver you with a faultless and dependable service that’ll give your reptile the best chances of feeling calm and content. What’s more, we will ensure that your reptile’s routine is always met and that we follow your instructions at all times.

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Our Promise To You

We understand the worry that may come with finding the right carer for your reptile. However, here at House My Pet, we are a team of passionate animal lovers who have a history of reptile ownership, as well as the required knowledge in looking after them. Because of this, we know the fundamentals of caring for your reptile and for keeping them happy and healthy.

Your reptile’s wellbeing and safety is always our priority; we will take care of them with the same affection and care as we would our own pets within a true home-from-home experience. If you’d like to keep up to date on how your reptile gets on, you can even request updates and photos to be sent to you while you’re away from them!

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