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Spider Care Services at House My Pet

Spiders make fascinating pets, but often pet owners struggle to find a carer with the same enthusiasm. Here at House My Pet, we love all animals and have pet carers to suit every type of pet’s needs. No matter the spider species, we can take care of them when you’re not able to. By recreating a true home experience, we can deliver your spider with the same level of care and attention as you would.

We are passionate about arachnids and hold the relevant experience and knowledge in order to give them the right care. Our number one priority is the wellbeing and safety of your pet, which is why we ensure that every one of our pet carers is fully-vetted and holds the relevant supporting documents such as a DBS check and pet business insurance.

We will always make sure that your spider is kept happy, healthy and comfortable during their time with us. We do this through our pet matchmaking services; by carefully considering the carer who we match your spider with, we can guarantee that your pet is given the best level of care possible from someone whose expertise and knowledge is in correlation with your spider’s specific needs.

Your spider’s routine will always be met while we also give them the love and affection that they deserve. We are aware of the best methods of arachnid care, and pride ourselves in being dedicated, mature and reliable in everything that we do.

By choosing us to care for your spider, they will be given a level of care that cannot be attained elsewhere. We understand the importance of selecting the right person to care for your little friend, and that is why we do everything in our power to make you feel confident and comfortable with our services. Through temperature checks, feeding and clearing out, amongst other tasks, we will always have your spider’s best interests at heart.

Our Spider Care Services

Spider Sitting Service

Going away on holiday? One of our spider carers will house sit your home, and give your spider all the care, attention and love that they deserve. Some spiders find it unsettling when being transported or placed in another environment, which is why we offer this service for those arachnids that prefer their familiar setting.

We will consistently keep an eye on your spider, handle them with care if requested and make sure that their routine is always met. A pet carer will travel to you and take care of your spider; making our spider sitting services convenient for anyone. If you have other pets or tasks to be doing around the house, we can take care of them too!

Spider Home Boarding Services

If you prefer to board your spider, they can stay at a carer’s house instead! You can transport your spider, its enclosure and all of its supplies to their home where they will be given their undivided attention and care. Your spider’s routine will still be met while following your instructions, and they will be cared for individually. If you’d prefer solo care, request this while booking.

Your spider will be always be fed at the required times if necessary. We are fully aware of the responsibilities when taking care of a spider, but we promise that we will treat your spider as if it was our own.

Spider Pop-In Visits

Our flexible pop-in service provides your pet with the same care, but through one or several visits in the comfort of their own home. A House My Pet carer can pop in and spend time with your spider; this service is designed to meet specific needs that do not require a great deal of time.

Depending on your requirements, we can attend to their housing comforts, misting, humidity and temperature control, feeding and also provide them with fresh water or remove uneaten food and spot clean the enclosure. We can also send you photos and notes while carrying out these tasks. Contact your match and discuss specific needs for a quote.

Spider Care Match-Making

By specialising in different areas, we have the freedom to tailor a bespoke service to you and your pets requirements. Like you, we want the very best for your spider. To achieve this, our pet carers are 100% professional, experienced, mature and passionate about animal welfare, and giving spider’s the care and love that they need to stay happy and healthy.

We are the only business to offer this one-of-a-kind service, which proves that we go above and beyond to nurture and care for all animals that we care for. We understand that your spider will have its own routine, characteristics and level of care required, and by taking this into consideration, we can identify a suitable individual who has the relevant experience to deal with a spider with such needs. Your spider couldn’t be in better hands; for more detail on our services, check out our guarantee and terms and conditions.

The level of consideration and commitment that we have put into this bespoke system has allowed us to gain exceptional feedback from owners who were pleasantly surprised that their spider had adjusted so well to someone new taking care of them. We guarantee a true home-from-home experience that benefits both you and your spider.

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Our Promise To You

Our team of pet carers bear a history of spider ownership or have relevant experience in handling arachnids. We understand the concern of leaving your spider in the care of someone you don’t necessarily know, but our passionate, dependent and professional carers are fully knowledgeable on how to look after a spider, and give them the level of love and care that they deserve. If you’d feel more comfortable being kept up to date, you can request photos to be sent to you while you’re away too!

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