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The Best Durable Dog Toys

With so many dog toys available on the market, it can be hard deciding on which is best suited to your pooch. Whether your dog is destructive, gentle or an adult or puppy, these can all determine what type of toy will work best for them. Puppies with gentle natures will most likely enjoy a soft plush toy. 

On the other hand, if you have a larger dog who has strong teeth, the chances of them piercing through a natural rubber-based chicken are high. In this case, as an owner, finding durable toys that will last longer than a day is favoured. And that’s why we’re here today- to give you our recommendations on the best heavy duty dog toys so that you can treat your dog to fun that lasts. 

You may think that a dog toy is just for entertainment, but by giving a dog a toy, you’re stimulating them mentally and physically. Additionally, toys comfort dogs when they’re left alone, and they help fight boredom; making it less likely for them to tear apart your home, and instead, their toys.

KONG Wild Knot Bears

We, of course, had to mention one of the leading dog toy brands- KONG. KONG has a vast selection of tough dog toys on the market these days, but today we’re going to speak about the KONG Wild Knot Bears. These are the ideal hybrid for dogs who enjoy the sensory of plush toys but need that extra durability on the inside as opposed to the stuffing that ends up covering your entire home.

With KONG Wild Knot Bears, dogs can enjoy a chew, but they won’t be able to destroy it so quickly. With minimal stuffing and internal roping that satisfies a dog’s nature, these affordable toys are great for any age and come in both small to medium and medium to large. There are plenty of other KONG dog toys on the market, as well as treat disposing toys that can keep your dog entertained for hours too.

Sharples Five Senses Sensory Ball

The Sharples Five Senses Sensory Ball is meant to stimulate dogs in every way possible. Being made with several textures, smelling and tasting of beef, as well as making sounds and being the easiest colours for a dog to see, this toy is an all-rounder. 

What’s more, it’s suitable for all ages, and can be used outdoors or in. If your dog enjoys a game of fetch, this will quickly become a firm favourite for them.

Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Dog Toy

This lengthy little number is ideal for playing tug-a-war with your pooch. With several Invincibles squeakers inside, this squeaky dog toy UK will continue squeaking even when punctured. From a chew shield technology construction, and strong seams, your dog can pull and chew at this for hours, and it’ll keep its form. 

Did you know that squeaky toys encourage dogs to destroy because they revert back to the shake and kill pattern of their wild ancestors? The squeak triggers a dog to attack the toy to kill the squeak. However, with the Invincibles Snake, a dog can enjoy a soft dog toy and the thrill of a kill, but without being able to destroy a toy so quickly. 

Beco Bone

This toy may take the form of a traditional dog toy, but with its eco-friendliness and durability, it may appeal to the green thumbs. Made out of hard rubber, vanilla-scented and 100% recyclable, this ethical, sustainable and biodegradable toy would make for the perfect environmentally friendly dog toy that definitely won’t get destroyed in seconds. 

This toy is especially ideal for the mightiest of chewers. As a bonus, it has a hollow centre to store treats in if you want to make it even more mentally stimulating for your pooch.

Ruffer and Tuffer Rugged Chew Ball

Last but not least, we have a hybrid ball and rope toy. Again, this is another firm favourite for dogs who enjoy tug-a-war. It is specially designed to be stronger than average toys and is made out of a unique cleaning material that helps fight tooth plaque and gum disease. 

With its twisted ropes and durable rubber casing, this heavy-duty, large dog toy will give your dog hours of tugging time, while also looking as eye catching as possible by being blue, red and yellow; the three colours that dogs can see the most.

Although this is our take on the best durable dog toys, there are plenty of others on the market that will suit your dog’s preferences and needs. Depending on the breed of your dog and their strength, this will determine what toy is ideal for keeping them entertained and out of mischief.

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