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The Pros & Cons Of Pet Sitters

Do you work long hours or tend to go on work trips, and you find it hard to find someone to look after your pet? We understand. Your friends and family may be busy, and sometimes, it’s nice not having to rely on them, especially when it affects their schedules too. That’s why sourcing a pet sitting service may be the best solution for everybody.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of pet sitters, so that you can decide whether or not a pet sitting service is ideal for your lifestyle and a good match for your pet’s needs. Here at House My Pet, we are able to sit all different kinds of pets so that they’re given the required love, care and attention to keep them happy and healthy while you’re gone.

The Pros of Pet Sitters


When hiring a pet sitter, there is no wondering whether or not they’re available. A pet sitter’s job is self-explanatory. If you need someone to look after your pet, they’re your person. Here at House My Pet, our fully qualified and experienced pet carers will travel to you too, no matter your location.

This gives you peace of mind that you’re guaranteed assistance; assistance that is reliable and on a professional-level. You can take care of your work commitments, while your pet is being looked after by someone who is animal-crazy, and who has the required skills for their needs.

Individual Care

Pet sitters, as opposed to a boarding service, will give your pet their undivided attention. Pet sitters stay at your home for the required length of time and are there just in the nature of your pet. Therefore, your pet will be given individual, dedicated time, instead of a certain amount due to other pets requiring assistance.

This level of care is round-the-clock. Like previously mentioned, a pet sitter is there for your pet, not to stick on the TV and raid the fridge. The House My Pet carers all come from a background of pet ownership, giving you confidence that they enjoy caring for animals, and are aware of how time-consuming it can be.

Familiar Settings

As a pet carer stays in your home to sit your pet, this can reduce the likelihood of your pet becoming distressed or nervous when being transported to unknown territory. It goes without saying that your pet is most comfortable in your home, and while you’re gone, they’re going to need these home comforts even more.

This also reduces the risk of leaving behind any necessary equipment or items in your home when delivering your pet to a home boarder. All of their gear can stay in your home, ensuring that a pet sitter has full accessibility and is able to administer the required care through your instructions.


A pet sitting service is somewhat more personalised. As previously mentioned, a pet sitter can keep exactly to your animal’s routine, especially as they’re in the same environment, with the required items. For instance, a dog may not prefer to go to the toilet in any random garden, but because a pet sitter will be at your home, they will have the same luxury of their own backyard. 

At House My Pet, our pet carers always stick to instructions and guidelines given by the owner. Therefore, your pet is guaranteed the same personalised service that you would give them.

Stick to Routines

Again, your pet will be given their exact routine. Our House My Pet carers all vary in qualifications. If your pet requires medical administration or specific assistance due to recovering from an operation, for instance, your pet will be assigned with an individual who has the skills and expertise to care for them.

Whatever their routine is; feeding, walking or activity times, a pet sitter can abide by this in the same area that they’d usually carry out this routine with you.

Dog Walking

If your dog enjoys several walks a day, a pet sitter is ideal. As stated before, a pet carer is there entirely for your pet, so if they usually go on several dog walks a day, a pet sitter can take them on the same amount. Even if they don’t generally because you’re at work, a pet sitter has the time to take them out regularly, and we all know how happy this could make your dog. Then, you can come home knowing full well your dog has been fed and walked. 

The Cons of Pet Sitters


Pet sitting, as opposed to asking a friend or family member, will obviously come at a price. But even though you’ll be paying out for this service, you know that its guaranteed, reliable and with your pet’s best interests at heart. When leaving your pet with someone you know, the chances are that they have their own responsibilities and routines to uphold in their lives, whether it’s at your home or not.

Therefore, your pet won’t get the same level of attention that they’d get from a pet sitter who is there entirely for them. Plus, if your pet prefers individual care and those you know have their own pets, this can also become an issue.


Sometimes, you do run the risk of using a pet sitting service that isn’t regulated or one whose service providers don’t have the required checks. That’s why it is so imperative to do your research before finding the right, dedicated and legitimate service for your pet. 

Here at House My Pet, all of our pet sitters are fully experienced and have the required checks such as a DBS and Pet Business Insurance. All of our service providers come from a history of pet ownership, and some have even acquired qualifications in pet care, making them highly professional and knowledgeable. 

Through our House My Pet Guarantee, also, you are given a level of assurance that you won’t find elsewhere. We look after pet owners, just like we do pet carers and we will always make sure that you’re delivered with the highest level of service, even if an issue was to arise.

We hope that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of pet sitters. By choosing a pet sitter, you are given a convenient, ideal and professional service that’s hard to find anywhere else. Here at House My Pet, we also go the extra mile in assigning you with a pet carer who has the skills and expertise tailored to your pet entirely.

By giving us details on your pet’s abilities, preferences and needs, as well as yours, we can take careful consideration in who we designate to take care of your pet(s). If you’d like further information on our pet sitting services in Manchester or for more details on our pet match-making system, head over to our website.


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