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Are you looking for a reliable care service for your feline friend? Our listings of highly professional, experienced, reliable and cat-crazy pet carers are fully aware of the responsibility of taking care of your pet. The pet service providers on our platform have the correct Pet Business insurances in place and required supporting documents; such as DBS checks & licenses. This is so that you can stay rest assured that your cat is in the best possible hands. They understand that with a pet comes special requirements, which is why they go through an in-depth process of attaining the right information needed to be fully prepared and aware of your pet’s needs.

Some Of Our Cat Care Services

Cat Sitting Service

Going away on holiday or for a business trip but you’re worried about your cat(s)? As you may already know, cats are creatures of habit and due to their high level of independence, they may find it difficult when being moved to a new environment; especially one that causes them restrictions. That’s why your cat can remain in its home and follow their normal routine, including meals and playtime. If they like to cuddle up on the sofa and watch The Lion King, your House My Pet carer will be happy to do that too – whatever your cat usually gets up to, our cat sitters will keep them company. The care of your cats can also be combined with the care of all of your other pets – and your home. This mean that your house will look occupied while you’re gone, and there will be someone there to water the plants and pick up the post. Don’t forget, our cat sitters are happy to travel to your home, wherever it may be. So, if you don’t have any local pet sitters available, you know we'll have the answer!

Cat Home Boarding Services

Unlike a cattery, House My Pet businesses can offer cat home boarding with one of our licensed cat carers at their home. Catteries have been known to cause cats to feel lonely and isolated. You can request for free rein of the house for your cat, opt in for your furry friend to be allowed on furniture for a true home from home experience, and they will be given undivided attention and care.

Cat Pop-In Visits

We have cat carers that can visit your home once or twice a day to check on your kitty. Whatever suits your schedule the best, we will work around it. In terms of your cat, if they prefer to mostly stay independent and keep to themselves, a drop-in carer is ideal for the occasional cuddle and feed. Our dedicated pet cars will make sure that they are always following your instructions, in terms of feeding, replacing the litter tray and playing with Mr Whiskers, but they will also collect your post, open and close curtains and deal with your lights etc. if required.

Post-Surgery Cat Sitting

Immediately after surgery, your cat is going to require consistent care, especially during the first week. We understand the challenges that surgical procedures can cause, which is why your sitter supervises and cares for your cat while you take care of your other commitments. Whatever your cat needs, they can help. For insurance, they will undergo medicine administering through your guidance and instructions, and overall monitoring of your furry friend so that they continue in the right paths to recovery. Consciously keepign an eye on your cat's health, and seeking professional help if and when necessary. Please discuss your requirements with your match for an accurate evaluation and quote that covers all of your pets particular needs.

Medical Administration

Our carers have extensive training in administering oral medication, insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids. The match can also take care of your cats maintenance; including, nail trimming, ear cleaning, using eye drops and applying ointment. If your cat is in need of physical therapy, we can also match them with a carer who is knowledgeable in this area. Our cat carers are knowledgeable in medical administration, and they will always keep an eye on your cat in case they begin to show any signs of illness or pain. Please disclose the full details upon booking so that we can create a quote and evaluation tailored to your pet.

Disability Care

Does your cat have a disability? We would be happy to tend to its needs! Our cat carers are qualified to handle these cases; whether your cat is in a wheelchair or requires further assistance due to vision impairment, a pet carer will be there to assist them at all times. We have dealt with cats that have missing limbs, paraplegic cats, elderly cats with medical problems, cats with limited mobility, epileptic cats and deaf or blind cats, and in any case, we still provide the same high quality love, care and attention that an animal deserves. Please disclose full details of what is normal for your pet and what special requirements they need to stay happy and healthy while you’re away.

Behavioural Problem Care

Our pet carers are experienced in most situations, so they will be able to manage behavioural problems and if needs be, interject if positive behaviour can be encouraged. Please shed light on your cat's behaviour upon booking so that your service provider is fully aware.

Cat Match-Making Service

Whatever the reason may be, it is inevitable that you will need to leave your cat in someone else’s care on more than one occasion, but deciding where and who should care for them can be very daunting and a decision that should not be taken lightly. Until now, catteries were the only place that you could leave your cat while you go away. But what isn’t spoken about is the negatives of leaving your cat in a cattery; in some cases, cats are left unsupervised and without any interaction. Because of this, cat sitting has quickly become highly popular in recent years. But again, owners are still left with the decision of who is best to take care of their furry friend. With our match-making services, we can match your cat with a suitable care service for a very happy cat.

Our Promise To You

We understand that leaving your pet with a stranger sounds worrying, but please remember that our feline-loving pet carers will do their utmost to make your cat feel as comfortable as possible. All of our professional cat carers bear a history of cat ownership, have gained qualifications and experience and are fully insured in this area of work. They all possess the knowledge of how it is best to take care of your beloved pet, and while vetted and police checked, they can do this reliably.