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Yes, we can all agree that dogs and cats make fantastic pets - but, what about the smaller guys? If you’re one who prefers a more nontraditional pet, like a pet insect, you’ve come to the right place. Insects might seem creepy to some, but our insect pet carers find them fascinating and recognize their importance just as much as their owners. Whether you have a preying mantis, giant African land snail, rhinoceros beetle or an ant farm, our experienced insect pet carers will be familiar with their housing environment, care and feeding needs; putting them in the best hands possible. By using our match-making search engine, you can strategically choose a carer whose expertise and experience is suitable for your insect’s needs. We always offer a true home-from-home experience; if they have a set routine, the carer will always meet it and follow your instructions. Our team of professionals have all have the relevant supporting documents such as a DBS check and pet business insurance. We understand how important it is to find the right pet carer and one that is dependent and trustworthy. That is why our carers do everything in their power to provide you with a fantastic service that always has your insect's best interests at heart. Whether their enclosure temperature needs adjusting, they need to be watered or their terrarium needs cleaning daily, they will do whatever it takes to keep your insects feeling comfortable and healthy. Our passion and love for all pets is what makes us truly unique site. That’s why we have put our minds together and created a bespoke match-making service that ensures that your insect is given the most suitable carer for them. Our services are easily accessible and tailored to meet the exact needs of your insect.

Some Of Our Insect Care Services

Insect Sitting Service

Are you going on holiday? Don't fear, we can take care of your insect while you're gone! One of our insect carers will stay in your home and house sit while giving your insect the care that it needs. This service is ideal if your insect's enclosure cannot be transported easily, your insect becomes unsettled when traveling or you want your home looked after while you are gone. An insect sitter will keep an eye on your insect at all times, and make sure that they're given the attention that they deserve. Our pet carers will travel to you wherever you are, and even take care of any house maintenance that needs doing such as watering your plants and picking up your post as an added incentive. Don't forget, if you have other pets, they can take care of them too!

Insect Home Boarding Service

Give your insect a holiday while you have one too. Your pet insect can be transported with its enclosure and essentials to your chosen pet carers home where they will be taken extra good care of. Your insect will be cared for individually, and given their usual routine. All you need to do is give us the instructions, and they will do the rest in keeping your insect happy and healthy. Your insect will always be handled with care, given roaming rights on request and be fed at the required times. All you need to do is pack them a bag full of their food and essentials, and they will focus on giving them consistent company and care while you're away. They understand the level of responsibility that comes hand in hand with insects, which is why we always ensure that your designated carer is experienced in taking care of the specific type of insect that you have.

Insect Pop In Visits

A pet carer will visit your home at the times necessary to administer the appropriate care to your insect. If you work long hours or are going out of town, this service will ensure that your insect is being taken care of and given the attention necessary when you're not able to adhere to it. They will always follow your guidance when tending to their housing, feeding and when maintaining the correct temperature and humidity of their enclosure! Once matched with a carer, simply send them a message with your requirements for a quote.

Insect Care Match-Making

Our match-making services will always bring you confidence that your designated carer has been carefully considered for the needs and abilities of your insect. Like you, we want the very best for your insect. All of our pet carers are professional, experienced and passionate about their roles, giving you the reassurance that you couldn't have found a more ideal and qualified individual to take care of your pet. We understand that your insect has a routine, and a certain level of care required, which is why we do the utmost in finding the right person for the job. The level of dedication and consideration in our match-making processes has allowed us to find the best-suited individual for every pet, and give assurance to owners that they are guaranteed a true home-from-home experience.

Our Promise To You

Nervous to leave your insect in the care of someone else? We understand! If you'd prefer to keep up to date on how your insect is getting on in our company, they can always send you photos and updates on request. Our passionate and dependent insect carers know exactly what they are doing, and they will always do their utmost at keeping your insect as content as possible. With histories of insect ownership and the relevant experience, our pet carers’ extensive knowledge will always be suited to the needs of your insect. Our number one priority is the wellbeing and safety of your pet.