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At House My Pet we are proud to support pet business professionals and have a wealth of information available for pet owners who are looking for quality pet care services across the UK and overseas.

House My Pet is the international trusted online pet business directory, for which we must thank both the public for their strong support of our service, and our great pet business professionals who prove that there is an alternative to the 'hobbyists pet platforms'.

You know how frustrating it is to have to scroll through the internet looking for the right professional pet service that is suitable for your pet's needs without getting recommendations first. But if an emergency occurred, and you had to find last minute care, then you simply had no choice in the matter.

If the care or service isn't carried out to your satisfaction, the whole experience can leave you with a distressed pet and a bitter taste in your mouth.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a website that could put you in touch with local, reliable pet business professionals whose work had been checked out - a website that was as good as a personal recommendation? That's what we thought too. So, we made it our mission to create the Web's most trusted online directory when looking for pet care - not just for last minute jobs but for any job, anytime. Welcome to House My

Our 'Leave a Review' facility allows you, the pet owner, to rate the work of the pet professional or business you've used. This, together with the fact that we check that all our pet professionals are experienced in their field and our premium members are verified, makes us the safest bet on the Net when searching for a pet service for your loved one.


Founded by Sheena Evolution, an animal loving entrepreneur on a mission to provide safe options for pet owners when they are looking for a pet care service after first hand experience of going through the stress herself at finding the right care for her dog when she needed it and felt over whelmed by the google searches.

All of the services on the House My Pet platform are individually assessed to ensure every pet care match is perfect for each pet's needs. It was created to put nervous pet owners and their pets at ease.

Caring for pets is our priority. We ensure that they are given the highest quality of care a pet business can provide, reducing risk to an absolute minimum giving animal lovers around the world a gateway to exceptional pet care.


For most of us, animals are part of our families; we love them dearly and would never hurt them. Most countries have strict laws against animal abuse and, since animals have no voice of their own, we fight for their rights every day. Our ultimate goal - and the personal motivation for our founder - is to use the profits from House My Pet to build animal shelters across the world, starting in the countries rated lowest for animal welfare.